Stereotype Game

An interactive performance for teenagers dealing with gender stereotypes through Yasmeen Godder’s repertoire.

Yasmeen Godder is an internationally acclaimed choreographer and performer, which her extensive body of work is known for its depth, impact and complexity and is presented throughout the world at the most renowned venues. Stereotype Game creates an opportunity to expose young audiences to sections of Godder’s work and engage them in an active and critical dialogue in regards to gender stereotypes, and how these play a role in society at large and also in the dance world.  The two performers Shuli Enosh and Ofir Yudilevich – are both highly acclaimed and mature dancers, are able to engage their varied audiences using sensitivity and artistry.

Choreography: Yasmeen Godder

Creating Performers: Shuli Enosh, Ofir Yudilevitch

Production: Guy Hugler, Yasmeen Godder Studio

(closed for audience)