SKIN is an interactive dance performance that integrates dance, video, sound and interactive technologies. Video and sound interact with the movement of dancers through motion sensors they are equipped with. The dancers generate images and sound, as an echo of their movements and their finer sensations. On the video, the dance is staged in a distant house in the south of France. A place of family stories and experiences where the dancers reincarnate the dance with a poetic detachment, just at the limit of strangeness. The interactive device, like a "second skin", transforms the touch, the pulsation, the force of the movement into video and sound that reveals and emphasizes the finer sensations that lie beneath the skin. The viewer thus accesses the intimacy of the dancers, in this house, where they can imagine that the dancers lived, slept, dreamt and played.
Choreography: Sarah Fdili Alaoui and Tamara Erde

Video: Tamara Erde

Research: Sarah Fdili Alaoui

Performers: Noellie Poulain, Lisa Bicheray, Laura Boudou, Sarah Fdili Alaoui and Tamara Erde Interactive technology: Niels Mourette, Alejandro Van Zandt Escobar and Sarah Fdili Alaoui

Music: Alejandro Van Zandt Escobar


- Diagonale Paris Saclay

- University Paris Sud

- Scène 44 – n+n corsino, Création chorégraphique et innovation numérique.

- Institut Français, Ministère des affaires étrangère, France

- Ministère des affaires étrangère, Israël
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