The Suit by Ori Lenkinski
Reflective Dreams by Sigal Armoza
Experimenting Hypnosis by Maya Brinner
Sala by Lior Lazarof

About the performances:

On Valentine's Day, 1962, Jackie Kennedy invited television cameras into the White House to what would become an iconic tour of the extensive renovation she championed. In doing so, she reshaped the world's image of the First Lady and of ladies altogether.

In Tel Aviv, 2019, armed with a pink suit (not a Chanel), Ori Lenkinski summons Kennedy's energy to take the audience on a tour of the here and now.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Ori Lenkinski

Music: Chubby Checker, Pablo Casals

Artistic Advisors: Rachel Erdos, Renana Raz, Ofer Amram

Premier: Intimadance 2019, Tmuna Theater


Reflective Dreams by Sigal Armoza

‏The Dream as an exposed experience, which is connected/ disconnected to internal and external associative channels. A reflective emotional collage which interprets repressed chaos through the familiar and understandable. Purification of Mental and emotional complexities. A Shared Associative and Performative space, which deals with restraint, exaggeration, precision and Dreams.

Creator and Choreographer: Sigal Armoza

Dance Collaborators: Aoi Kagaya, Sigal Armoza

Singer-Songwriter, Harpist, Electronic Music Producer: Katrin Lasko

Music: Alvin Lucier, Binya Reches, Roni Alter

Floor Duet Dancer collaborator: Dikla Rejevsky

Performance Director: Inbar Tanzer

External Opinion: Yasmeen Godder

Thanks: Yasmeen Godder, Ofra Idel, Machol Shalem Dance House, Bar-Kayma Association for Culture, Art, Music and Peace.


Sala by Lior Lazarof

An inside-out dialogue, between childhood and adulthood, between the symbiotic need and the need

to break out

Dancer: Gary Reagan

Music: Arvo Pärt - 7 Magnificat - Antiphonen :

No. 1: O Weisheit

No. 4. O Schlussel

No. 5. O Morgenstern


Experimenting Hypnosis Solo by Maya Brinner

The piece explores the connections between the audience's eye and the performer on stage – as an act of hypnosis.

In this act, a relationship of trust and reciprocity, of seduction and manipulation is established, and questions arise regarding the power balance between audience and performer – and who is in control of the performative act.

"A choreographer whose work often employs and reflects upon repeated motions, here too, a repeated motion intensifies and develops, leading into another shape or kind of motion, with, as the title of the work implies, a mesmerizing effect.

It was a visually fascinating performance that did spark a multitude of images and thoughts – not the least of which is the relationship between the exposed position of the dancer onstage and the question of what is revealed, what is concealed, and in this act of hypnosis or seduction, who is in control?"

(Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East)

The piece premiered in Intimadance Festival 2013, Tmuna Theater.

Artistic Directors: Rotem Tashach, Inbal Yaakobi.

Thanks: Yair Vardi, Nava Zukerman, Tmuna Theater.