Our Tubular Hearts

60 minutes presentation followed by a talk with the audience

Tubes from inside and outside the body connect to each other and resonate information from the space around. Visceral and vocal vibrations enter the tubes and crystallize life intentions. Our process is that of cleansing and opening up blockages. We become part of a universal circulatory system that is connected to other intelligence, allowing us to channel alien love through our tubular hearts. We purge human mind and thought with feedback loops: think, say, listen, echo, resonate, vibrate and transform through experience. We perform a channeling of non/materials so they may reenter the world as diffracted resource.

Created and performed by Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev

Supported by Mifal Hapais

Produced by Machol Shalem (Jerusalem) and Asher Lev and Irina Lavrinovic (Brussels).

in collaboration with P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studios, and Q-O2 (Brussels)


Irina Lavrinovic & Asher Lev (Brussels, Belgium)

Irina (Lithuania, 1986) and Asher (Israel, 1981) met in Brussels in 2013, then they started living and working together. Their background moves through choreography, dance and visual performance. They both have master degrees from programs that strive to expand the borders of artistic practice. Their ongoing performance/research deals with consciousness and social transformation. They work with (i)materials: air, channeling, experiences of altered states and social design/sculpting. Their performances have been presented in Belgium, Norway, Lithuania, Italy and Israel. Irina and Asher are initiators of The New Dionysian Festival, connecting art, altered states of consciousness and ecology.