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About Jerusalem International Dance Week:

Machol Shalem Dance House, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is pleased to announce the 8th annual Jerusalem International Dance Week. Events will begin on December 6th, 2019 and end on December 19th, 2019. Alongside original international productions, participating Israeli artists will present works to senior figures in the global dance industry, as part of a rich, diverse, and unique program.

The Jerusalem International Dance Week will include:
An International Choreography Competition: Participating in this year’s prestigious competition are creative and engaging artists from the United States, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, and Israel. Monetary prizes will be divided into four winning categories and there will also be participation prizes provided by our international partners.
The Jerusalem Dance Showcase: The showcase features choreographic works by a select group of Israeli dance artists. Independent Israeli artists will present chamber works that challenge the ways we think about bodies moving through space and the art form as we know it. This year, the featured artists include: Shlomit Fundaminsky, Maya Popova, Oren Laor and Niv Sheinfeld, Sharona Florsheim, Sigal Armoza, May Zarhy, Gilad Yerushalmy, Nina Traub, Danielle Lamensdorf, Eyal Brumberg, and more.
Pitching Event: As part of the dance week, we will also be hosting a pitching event in which independent Israeli artists will present an idea for a new research endeavor in order to have the opportunity to be hosted at residency programs abroad. Selected creators this year include: Nitsan Margaliot, Galit Liss, Yael Flexer, Haddas Eshel, Avital Eden, Ravid Abarbanel, Nofar Sela, Danielle Shoufra

Machol Shalem Festival: The festival includes Machol Shalem Dance House premiere works and original productions curated by Maayan Liebman-Sharon. The new productions include works by Annabelle Dvir, Rotem Weissman, Snir Nakar, Tamar Binyamini, Shani Bar Dimari, Boaz Bentor, and Natalie Afriat. Additional productions will include performances by Yael Iddan, Berenika Shneider, Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev, and guest productions by Reut Shemesh and the Fine5 DT theater from Estonia. The festival will also feature two collaborative productions, one between Avidan Ben Giat and Machol Shalem Dance House, and another between Bodytalk and Between Heaven and Earth.

Jerusalem International Dance Week aims to showcase Jerusalem as an international dance space and to bring high quality, contemporary Israeli culture to the most prestigious international dance festivals worldwide. The dance week is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Culture, the Technology Association of Oregon and foreign embassies. For a video summary of the 2018 Dance Week, click on the link below:


Friday, December 6th
12:00 pm Leo Model// Jerusalem International Choreography Competition Semi-Finals Part I
Nereo Drowning by Joaquín Collado, Spain(Zw) Einsamkeit by Eléonore Bovet & Anima,
Blank Spots by Lukas Karvelis, Lithuania
Ave ever by Anna Shchekleina, Russia
NARKIS by Irad Avni, Israel

1:30 pm Leo Model// Semi-Finals Part II
Sono Solo Tuo Padre by Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Italy
Relationships by Xiao Zhiren, China
Vengo a Perderti by Priscilla Pizziol, Italy
Division by Tan-ki Wong and Sze-Yeung Li Justyne, Hong Kong
The Human Condition: Absent Presence by Ashley Menestrina, United States of America

Saturday, December 7th
8:30 pm Leo Model // International Choreography Competition Finals
Four competition winners are revealed in the award-winning ceremony. Prizes of: € 3500, € 2500, € 1500 and the MASH prize of € 500.

Sunday, December 8th
2:30 pm Rav Chen // Ship of Fools by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Leor
3:30-5:30 pm Rav Chen // Network Event
6:30 pm The Ulpan// The One Hand Sound by Sharona Floresheim
8:30 pm Beit Shmuel // Pinks by Eyal Nahum- Jerusalem Dance Theatre

Monday, December 9th
11:00 am Nurit Katzir Center // Reflective Dreams by Sigal Armoza
Assemblage by Danielle Lamensdorf
“Not a couple?” by Maya Popova
3:00 pm Rav Chen // WOODS by Eyal Bromberg
6:00 pm The Ulpan // Untitled by May Zarhy
8:30 pm The Ulpan // 13 Fragments by Avigail Rubin

Tuesday, December 10th
2:30 pm Rav Chen // School for the Blind by Avidan Ben Giat
Female Soil by Gilad Yerushalmy
3:00 pm Rav Chen // Panel: Direction and Operation Models of International Dance Houses Across the
6:00 pm The Ulpan // Bomb Speaks by Between Heaven and Earth//Bodytalk, Germany
8:00 pm Beit Shmuel // Waterfalls by Nina Traub

Wednesday, December 11th
11:00 am Beit Mazia // M.E.S.S. by Shlomit Fundaminksy
6:00 pm Nurit Katzir Center // (Let’s take a moment: and imagine that we are all) DIPPED IN GOLD by
Anabelle Dvir
Yellow Poetry by Rotem Weissman
8:00 pm Rav Chen // Our Tubular Hearts by Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev

Thursday, December 12th
7:30 pm Beit Mazia // Atara by Reut Shemesh, Germany

17:00 pm, 8:30 pm Rav Chen // Briah, premieres by upcoming choreographers, artistic director: Irad Avni
Black Cloud by Reut Sinigaglia
how low can you go by Koral Peleg
Climbing by Maor Alfasi
Something, for me to have some rage too by Hila Regev
Tree of Knowledge by Inbal Naveh
CON-CEPT by Ana Cvelfar, Slovenia

Monday, December 16th
8:30 pm Rav Chen // The Jerusalem Project
Nature reserve by Alex Shmurak
Hold Yourself Together by Keren Horesh Begun
**Only women

Wednesday, December 18th
7:30 pm Rav Chen // Premieres
"There’s no limit to the things that I - are able to say." by Tamar Binyamini
Roaming by Shani Bar Dimri
8:30 pm Rav Chen // GENERATIONS by Stav Marin and Neta Weiner- Fine5DT, Estonia

Thursday, December 19th
7:30 pm Rav Chen // Marathon of Original Productions
Temporary Space by Boaz Bentor and Natalie Afriat
Being There by Yael Iddan
at "Motherhood" neighborhood by Berenika Schneuder
Leaving a Mark by Snir Nakar

Dance Week Venues:
Rav Chen Hall, 3 HaParsa St., Talpiot
Beit Mazia Theater, 18 Mesilat Yesharim St.
Leo Model, 11 Bezalel St.
The Studio at the Jerusalem Theater, 20 David Marcus St.
Beit Shmuel, 6 Eliyahu Shama St.
Nurit Katzir Center, Yitskhak Elkhanan St.

Ticket sales will open soon!

CEO: Ruby Edelman
Artistic Directors: Ofra Idel and Ruby Edelman
Production: Machol Shalem Dance House
International Coordinator: Eiv Kristal
Production Manager: Yael Iddan
Production Assistant: Gabby Foster
Administrative Manager: Sarit Cohen
Technical Producer: Yael Shani
Technical Manager: Magenta
Graphic Design & Festival Minisite: Paz Roz
Photographer: Nicholas Crepea
Legal Advice: Kadari & Co. Law Offices
Facebook Management: KWAA

Creative Writing
The Israeli/Canadian dance writer Ori Lekinski offers a four-day program, during which local emerging writers get the chance to learn and develop the skill of writing about a stage work, how to interview artists and understand the difference between creative writing and journalism.

We wish to thank the following individuals and organizations:

Ziv Nevo Kulman, Gilead Anat and Sharon Kabalo – Cultural Diplomacy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ariela Rejwan, Nava Dissentshik,Yoram Braverman, Eyal Ezri, Sami Navot, Eli Cohen and Mali Feder – The Jerusalem Municipality
Keren Karmel, Karin Daniel – The Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports
Ruth Diskin- The Jerusalem Foundation
The Technology Association of Oregon
Vojtêch Brtnický
Ori Lenkinski
Ruth Cummings

Special thanks to Sagit Klapholtz.

Thanks to the Machol Shalem Association Members:
Board: Chairman, Eytan Ronel
Dafna Efron, Rosy (Steve Rosenberg), Gilah Kahn-Hoffmann, Attorney Naomi Vestfrid
Audit Committee: Attorney Betty Nulman, Roee Metzer

Artistic Committee of the showcase works: Dr. Idit Suslik, Neta Pulvermacher, Or Marin, Reut Shemesh, Sandra Brown, Iris Erez

Curator, Artistic Manager, and Consultant of original productions of MASH Festival: Maayan Leibman Sharon