Ensemble Gold

A cooperation between the Stadttheater Freiburg in Germany and Machol Shalem Dance House – Jerusalem, Israel.

Two groups of non professional dancers and performers age 50 and above, are working simultaneously – one in Freiburg, under the artistic direction of Graham Smith, and one in Jerusalem, under the artistic direction of Shlomi Bitton.

The project started in January 2016 with a three weeks residency of Graham Smith in Jerusalem.

The ensemble - 12 women from Jerusalem, worked with Graham on a physical manifestation of issues like: identity, tradition, and personal views on their lives in Jerusalem.

From February 2016, Shlomi Bitton continued as the artistic leader of this group and is working with the ensemble on a weekly basis, 2,5 hours of physical training, researching of group creativity, and individual works which enhances the creative expression and passion of each member. The group also get some “homework” - directions to develop their individual works between each weekly session, as well as one on one sessions with Shlomi - all towards a performance (premier) that will take place in Jerusalem on September 14th 2016.

Shlomi: “The work explores the depth of losing control and how this “letting go” might open up new possibilities of self empowerment and change. A great effort is done by these lovely ladies who take themselves out of their comfort zone. They focus on the acceptance of who they are as individuals, and aspire to bring the best out of themselves, taking in consideration various  physical abilities, health issues, social statuses/matters, and mostly they feel the need to be part of a group with one goal and to narrow the differences between them, and to become one inspiring creative entity.”

In October 2016, the ensemble will travel to Germany to meet their “sister” group.

In less than a week they will create one stage performance out of the materials they have been working on separately and perform it several times at the Stadttheater in Freiburg.


Graham Smith is the artistic director of SoLD  - the educational dance department at the Stadttheater in Freiburg. He is a professional dancer and choreographer.

Shlomi Bitton is an independent professional dancer and choreographer from Israel.