The Holycoaster (s)Hit Circus

the holycoaster s(hit) circus is a shrewdly meant but failed documentary about the encounter of German and Swiss actors with Israeli dancers – and most particularly – about the intentions they have towards each other, intentions which they nourish and cherish.

All involved try to approach each other with tolerance and starry-eyed idealism. But in the end they cling far too much to their prejudices, seeing that they always have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Uncensored and politically utterly incorrect one watches as the Germans and Swiss, are trying to lay down their unease about the Israeli - and still they keep ending up in awkward situations. Oppositely, the Israeli artists are delighted to be able to work with descendants of real Nazis at last. They count on that to guarantee that the project is about to become a great success in Israel.

The project is a circus-like blend of Borat, Eskimo Limon and a false understanding of problems to which nobody was yet able to find a solution.

the holycoaster s(hit) circus is taking you into a wild ride of questioning - yourself, your taste, your tolerance, your perception, your wife, your god, your own borders. Taking you to a country, where borders still have a meaning. Sexy Religious Multi-Media-Entertainment with Dance & Music.

Regie: Ruby Edelman | Video: Sascha Engel | Performance: Christoph Keller, Dennis Schwabenland, Benjamin Spinnler, Raphael Urweider