Winner of special recommendation award for artistic courage
by jury of the Akko fringe festival 2010.
The jury's reasoning:
"With no restrains, no border nor consideration, Shoa – lite succeed in breaking through the defense mechanism of the audience and transfers it to an un ease and un safe territory.The aware usage of trash culture, the integration of the skilled dance, the rough acting and the excellent video projections indicates of a theatrical language that grows from within the reality of our lives" September 2010
Concept: Ruby Edelman
Creative participants:
Sascha Engel, Reut Weinberger, Ram Mizrachi,
Ayala Frenkel, Galia Rafael, Ruby Edelman
Original music: Sascha Engel / Yaniv weinberg
Video artist: Sascha Engel
Costume design: Aya Gavriel
Light Design: Shahar Bareket
Artistic advice Andreas Scharfenberg
Executive producer Dudi Schatz