Ha- E by Ido Tadmor

All wars are the same but all wars are different . All people are the same but all people are different . All needs are the same.

"HA-E" ( The Island ) is a creation for dance and theatre that deals with our basic needs as human beings searching for love and communication in a harsh and cold world. 

"Ha-E" is the island of sanity. It is the Island where no wars exist and where the basic communication qualities such as a simple smile or a simple hand shake exits and are no longer forgotten .

This creation reviews the truth where wars develop from fear, ego and hatred led by governments and extreme leaders rather than the people themselves .

Wars usually represent the cynical idea that people should fight over land rather than work towards understanding,support and life itself. 

As the choreographer of this creation I have created a piece that deals with political elements but also with human behavior in situations of fear and luck of love. 

The cast combines two Israeli members and two Polish dancers which add to the importance of the closure between the Israeli ( Jewish ) people and the Polish people during the World War 2.

"Ha-E" is a creation that puts a dark mirror on our lives these days and the fantasy that one day the world will be a big island of light, love and sharing.


Ha-e was preformed at:

Jerusalem International Dance Week 2015

The Spring International Festival in Rishon Le’Zion

Zawirowania Dance Festival- Warsaw

European Capital of Culture-Wrocław 2016.

Festival Internacional de Santa Lucía- Mexico



Dance: Elwira Piorun,  Szymon Osiński, Ido Tadmor, Ofra Idel