E-sheket/116 Reasons / Maayan Liebman-Sharon and Yaara Nirel


Kung Fu by Yoanna Blikman & Dan Robert Lahiani


Mob Body: Dance Performance & Exhibition



Take Down is a fearless move and a charismatic movement aesthetic that sweeps the audience...

Amfibi – A dance and multimedia performance for the entire family

Two timeless creatures meet in the technology-filled world of 2016. Will they ever manage to communicate with each other in a direct, human dialogue? Click on the picture for more information...

Le Sacre du Naharin


Ha- E by Ido Tadmor

All wars are the same but all wars are different . All people are the same but all people are different . All needs are the same. Click on the picture for more information...


Interviews\Idan Sharabi..

The Holycoaster (s)Hit Circus

By MSDH & PENG!Palast. the holycoaster s(hit) circus is a shrewdly meant but failed documentary about the encounter of German and Swiss actors with Israeli dancers – and most particularly – about the intentions they have towards each other, intention..




Castle \Rachel Erdos..


DUDU\ Yoav Grinberg..

White piece

White piece\ Sofia Krantz..


Backbone\Anat Rachel Cederbaum..


MUSTER\Shlomi Bitton..


Winner of special recommendation award for artistic courage by jury of the Akko fringe festival 2010...


A dance and multimedia show for kids. In collaboration with the Jerusalem science museum Production: Machol shalem..

Horse Tail

Dance: Ofra idel, Ruby Edelm Artistic advice: Ronit Ziv, Alex Shmurak Costumes: Tamar Levit..