Ingiven and I-Dare-U

Ingiven choreography and performance by Noa Shavit

To unwind the muscles, to remember.

To walk through the scenery of what has been,

To pass without apologies.

To restrangle what has been broken,

To refine the pain.

To caress the thin capillaries,

The fragments that combine it all,

To revive them again.

A fine line between life and death.


Mustering love

To walk the path again.

Mustering love

To slide through the cracks,

Between the wrinkles of the skin.

Mustering love

To stop experiencing

Again and again this disconnection

I-Dare-U Creation | Design | Performance Oryan Yoahanan

Sound Design: Nadav Barnea

Light Design: Ofer Laufer

Stage Manager: Jhonny Tal

Artistic adviser: Sahar Azimi

Created for and with the assistance of ‘Dance Arena Festival’, Jerusalem 2016. Supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts & Clipa Theater. When she was born, Oryan Yohanan’s grandmother asked: “What is it?״ and then ״.casually responded to the reply “Oh well, next time a son, Amen

And so, in an instant, she determined that the female gender is worth less than the male. That it has less value in the family unit. In the religious social structure that she grew up in, the artist began to understand a fact of life - that as a woman, her gender places her in constant danger.

I-DARE-U challenges, and sometimes breaks, gender roles and rules of femininity. The piece is multidisciplinary, using movement, body, visual arts and text to manifest a variety of ways through which one can identify and be heard. A clear sheet of recycled paper is manipulated onstage, reflecting the destruction and reconstruction of the body. And so, as the material is slowly decomposing, the body is revealed. “Oryan Yohanan has condensed emotional contents that cry to burst out, her body is an amazing tool and she has the courage to expose herself and to dive deeply into this creation, without taking any shortcuts. The result speaks for itself; the powerful experience of this piece follows you long after the lights go down.” (HA'ARETZ)

* The performance includes nudity.

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Based on a long term partnership between DOCK 11 EDEN in Berlin and Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) in Jerusalem, the two organizations are proud to present the third edition of selected dance works and performances by choreographers who have been showcased at MASH‘s platforms during the JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL DANCE WEEK 2017-8.