Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers

The work of Tamar Lamm and David Kern is formed in the space between dance, performance and musical concert, while adhering to an organizing principle that leaves it both unraveled and structured at the same time. In the stage space, there are scattered objects. These, like the movements, have a two-way relationship with the doubting fantastic humorous narrative and the perplexity that spreads throughout the work. A score of partnership, love, longing and separation is formed on the seam between the perspective of emotional consciousness and the physical experience of the body.

Dr. Idit Suslik , “The contemporary eye”

Performance & choreography - Tamar Lamm & David Kern

Costume and stage design - Tamar Lamm & David Kern

Lighting design - Dani Fishof

Music- “Cool Water” - Bob Nolan

“The Damsel’s Lament” - Traditional

“Darling Pal of Mine” -A.P. Carter

“Water Whistle” -Tamar Lamm

“What Should I Do?-” David Kern

“Your Cheatin’ Heart”- Hank Williams

“Sweet Bird” -Traditional

“Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” -Bob Nolan

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Based on a long term partnership between DOCK 11 EDEN in Berlin and Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) in Jerusalem, the two organizations are proud to present the third edition of selected dance works and performances by choreographers who have been showcased at MASH‘s platforms during the JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL DANCE WEEK 2017-8.